Plumbing Services

  • LEAKS: No matter how small, a leak can be most annoying! Let us eliminate the drip, the wet carpet, the damp floor tile, and the wet concrete in the basement today.
  • FAUCETS: Let us replace that old faucet when we’re out doing routine maintenance. In fact if you want, have the one you like on hand and whenever we are working at your house and we can save you a call out charge to get it installed while we are there!
  • WATER SOFTENERS: We install high quality, digital controlled or manual timers. Let us make sure your water is soft and doesn’t leave those nasty stains.
  • TOILETS: From installing new wax rings, clogs removed, drains, all the way to new toilets, we do it all.
  • R.O. (Reverse Osmosis): Filtering Systems We install 5 stage R.O. systems to make sure that your water is as clean as it can possibly be.
  • DRAIN CLEANING: Slow drains, or worse yet backed up lines, are a persons’ worst nightmare! We have the latest equipment to take care of this type of service. From a power jetter, to a camera to find line breaks or root damage we take care of it.
  • SUMP PUMPS: Backup systems, alternating systems, or just new upgrades for old pumps. We can help to keep that basement flood from happening.
  • ROUTINE MAINTENANCE: We can set you up with routine maintenance for your drain lines or septic system. Check out the links to Bio-Clean for active bacteria treatments that cover not just lines but traps and tanks. RootX can break through the roots growing into older lines without the excavation.