Generators & Installation

Generators & Installation

When you’ve lost power there is nothing more handy than having a generator that kicks in automatically. We offer high-quality generators and installation.

Generators & Installation

Generators & Installation

Generators & Installation

  • Sales & Installations: Installations from start to finish. Each job is customized to your home needs and lifestyle. We know that one size does not fit all.

  • Yearly Maintenance Plans: Designed with you in mind. Discounted service calls and repairs. No need to call us, we will send you the reminder when the annual/semi annual service is due.

  • “GenReady” Service Panels: What is a GenReady Panel? A GenReady panel can replace your older electrical service panel, and at the same time “prep” your electrical service for a generator installation in the future.

  • Parts Counter: Oil change & tune up kits, along with other common needed parts for home standby generators. Sorry we do not stock portable generator parts.

  • After Hours Emergency Service: Should the unlikely happen with your Generac generator. We are just a phone call away!

  • Upgrade Accessories We Offer:

    Cold weather kits: Great for Michigan’s winter weather these kits keep the engine crankcase and battery warm to help make sure your automatic standby system starts first time, every time. Call us for a quote before the hard winter winds start to blow!

    Remote monitor:  This battery powered remote monitor watches for any issues that your generator may detect, allowing you to see “at a glance” if your systems needs attention.

    Wireless Remote “Mobile Link” monitoring system: This device will monitor over 40 different customizable settings to the homeowner. Free monitoring the first year of installation.

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